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Automated drones provide accurate, efficient data that has been especially beneficial in wetland mosquito management and farmers. Call 952-239-0370.

Fidelity Aerospace, LLC of Elko, MN is always looking for ways to advance. Drones have risen as a leader in cost-effective technology that produces high-quality results. Receive high-resolution data at the lowest cost. From mosquito control to mitigating crop problems, drones have advanced exponentially in the past few years. Call today at 952-239-0370 to learn more about our future developments.




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Over the recent years, drones have become increasingly beneficial for various businesses and organizations by managing to pierce through areas where certain industries were lagging. In particular, farmers and wetland mosquito management industries have benefited from fully-automated drones. Automated drones require no piloting – ever. These weatherproof drones are able to intelligently scout your field to identify crop stress, produce data on multiple types of vegetation and livestock, receive health reports on your fields daily, and stop problems before they spread. It couldn’t be easier to manage your fields remotely and on-demand.

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